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Sat 1 July First Day of Plastic Free July - visit the website to register
Mon 10 July @ 7pm Boomerang Bags Sewing Bee at the ELF
Wed 26 July @ 7.30pm ECCO Monthly Meeting at the ELF

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'Shining a Light on Sustainability' Online
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Welcome to ECCO

ECCO is the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orange. We are an environmental watchdog and a peak environmental lobby group for the community of Orange.

Boomerang Bages Sewing Bee
Posted: July 3rd 2017

ECCO Orange is hosting a Boomerang Bags Sewing Bee at the ELF. The Sewing Bee will bring people together to make re-usable bags from recycled materials as a way of providing a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Come along and learn new skills, have fun, and cut, pin, iron, stamp and sew. All ages are welcome and no experience is required. The sewing bee starts at 7pm on Monday July 10th at the ELF in the Orange Showgrounds off Leeds Parade.

Plastic Free July Underway
Posted: July 3rd 2017

Plastic Free July began again on Saturday and ECCO is encouraging members, supporters and everyone in Orange to get involved, including local businesses. ECCO is hosting a Boomerand Bags Sewing Bee on July 10th (see separate news item) and is also encouraging members, supporters and everyone in the community to attend a screening of the movie A Plastic Ocean on July 18th at 7pm. You can book tickets for the movie at https://tickets.demand.film/event/1739. And it's not too late to register for Plastic Free July - you can take the challenge for a day, a week or the rest of the month, and can choose to avoid all plastic or just the big four. Visit the PFJ website for details.

Public Meeting on Cadia Valley Operations
Posted: May14th 2017

ECCO's May public meeting, members, supporters and the general public will have the opportunity to hear a presentation from senior staff of Cadia Valley Operations about how Cadia is managing environmental issues such as water and waste management, site rehabilitation and long term environmental planning. The CVO team of presenters will be led by General Manager, Peter Sharpe, There will be a Q&A session after the presentation giving those attending the opportunity to ask any questions about the mine's operations or raise any issues of concern. The public meeting starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday May 24th at the ELF in the Orange Showgrounds off Leeds Parade. All welcome!

ECCO Supports:
Orange Climate Action Now is a Sub-Committee of ECCO that focuses on taking local action to raise awareness about climate change and to mitigate its impact. OCAN organises direct action and local participation in global events such as Earth Hour and the Walk Against Warming.

Local Environment Awards:
ECCO hosts local environment awards to celebrate the achievements of individuals and groups who are making a real difference by taking action on climate change or helping make the City of orange a more sustainable community.

Earth First:
Earth First is a column that appears in the Central Western Daily each Saturday. It focuses on a different environmental issue each week. ECCO has been co-ordinating contributions to the column since the middle of 2008.

Daroo Urban Landcare Group:

The Daroo Urban Landcare Group is a group of volunteers working to rehabilitate and revegetate Wentworth Reserve in west Orange. Daroo was the winner of the inaugural ECCO Award for Environmental Sustainability in October 2008.

ELF Community Garden Group:
The ELF Community Garden Group established a permaculture community garden at the Environmental Learning Facility in 2005. The group continues to maintain and develop the garden, providing an opportunity for members to garden with others, share knowledge, experiment with new gardening techniques and enjoy the local produce grown in the garden.
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